From new born to 5yrs old, first session every thursday morning outside school Holidays takes the worry out of trying to watch a movie and keeping the little ones quiet. Lights are down low, so if Bub needs a feed you can see what you are doing.

It's a special screening for parents who have a squirming, gurgling, fidgeting, bawling bundle of joy who may be the most beautiful baby in the world but who's not the ideal movie companion.

Until now, you've probably avoided turning up at the cinema with a baby and all that goes with it - like prams, baby bags and embarrassment. But Babes in Arms sessions are just for you and all the other parents who
have missed the best the big screen has to offer just because the apple of their eye decides to compete with the Dolby surround system.
Everybody is in the same boat at these screenings - and a lot of the audience is in nappies. So nobody cares!

Check the session page to see whats playing this week!